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A School as Unique as Your Child

Salam Academy is an indispensable Islamic organization which stands alone in the United States in its uniqueness. We strive to provide an alternative to contemporary private schools by providing a high quality Islamic education within a safe Islamic environment.

The most wonderful aspect of this blessed institution is that Salam Academy is the ONLY Islamic School in the United States which deliberately keeps our tuition fees low so that everyone can benefit from our school. We are also the only school in the United States that does not turn away prospective students due to financial difficulties. A financial aid program is available to ensure that all students are accepted at our school (contact the school for more details).

Salam Academy is committed to providing students with an excellent academic education and firm grounding in moral and ethical values. The school also fosters a dedication to Allah (SWT) through virtuous living in a balanced Islamic environment. We seek to develop a positive American Muslim identity in each of our students to ensure that they are prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world.

We also strive to cultivate an excellent character in each of our students that is supported by Qur’anic principles, enriched with Islamic knowledge, and committed to the betterment of family, community, and humanity.

Salam Academy offers elementary to high school education (Pre-K – 12th grade) with a curriculum based upon that of the state of Texas (Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills - TEKS) along with Islamic studies, Qur’an studies, and Tarbiah.

Additionally, we partner with the Dallas Community College District's (DCCD) Richland College campus in order to provide your child with a FREE dual credit college program as part of our curriculum. In this way, not only does your child receive a first class Islamic education along with their academic education, they will also earn college credits to aid them in their college careers.

We have a highly trained and educated team of educators from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds who are dedicated to your child's success. They are committed to the goal of instilling high moral values and strong faith into the students. With the help of Allah (SWT) , we shall prepare your children to become good Muslims and exemplary citizens within their communities ensuring that they will excel in their professional careers.

Monitoring Student Progress

School Management & Teacher Development