Our Academy

Salam Academy is a fully accredited educational institution which provides a Kindergarten to 12th grade academic education. This education is offered with a firm grounding in Islamic moral and ethical values while fostering a dedication to Allah (SWT) through virtuous living in a balanced Islamic environment.

Salam Academy ensures our curriculum adheres to the Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as set forth by the state of Texas. This is presented along with our Islamic, Qur’an, and Tarbiah programs. Additionally, we partner with the Dallas Community College District's (DCCD) Richland College campus in order to provide your child with a FREE dual credit college program as part of our curriculum. In this way, not only does your child receive a first class Islamic education along with their academic education, they will also earn college credits to aid them in their college careers.

In order to adhere to Islamic ideals, we offer separate classes for boys and girls from 5th grade up through high school and also separate them during daily prayer (Salah).