Islamic History & Culture

Building Strong Leaders & Community

Your child will also learn about Islamic history, culture, and Akhlaq from our teachers who come from diverse Islamic backgrounds. Emphasis will be placed on the history of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his revelations which would be recorded as the Holy Qur'an, his family, his Sahaba, and the Hijra.

Our Islamic studies curriculum includes Tawheed, Aqeedah, and Essentials and Practices (Fiqh). Islamic studies are also integrated with other subjects such as science, art, English, and mathematics. This is accomplished by incorporating elements of Islamic history and culture into other programs so that your student is not only learning a core subject, they are seeing how Islam can be part of their everyday learning. Additionally, your child will also receive instruction in the Arabic language (reading and writing) and the Hadith are also taught in conjunction with this program.