After School Programs

Hifz/Nazira Program

This student is an add on program for those students who may either be struggling with their studies or for students who wish to get ahead and/or advance their studies. While this program is conducted at our school, ANYONE from our community can take advantage of this program - contact the school for more details.

After Care Program

Our after care program is provided as a convenience for those working parents who may be unable to pick their children up at the end of the scheduled school day. This program extends your child's school day up to 6 p.m. to better accommodate your work schedule. Please contact our school for more information.


For students who may be struggling with their academic or Islamic studies, tutoring is offered as part of our education program. Since we are able to maintain a low student to teacher ratio, we are able to offer your child with the assistance they need to ensure their academic success - in many cases, students can be tutored one on one by one of our staff.