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Infants to Toddlers

We offer full-time, year-round daycare for infants and toddlers in the Dallas area, providing them with the learning skills they will need for years to come. Our professionally trained, experienced, bilingual staff enjoys working with children. We employ caring, competent, trustworthy teachers who know what it takes to encourage young children to reach their full potential in all areas of growth and development.

Our mission is to provide a safe and loving daycare environment that will promote the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth of the children in our care. At the end of each day, parents are provided with a written report of each child’s activities, including what was eaten, if/when the child slept, number of wet and dirty diapers or potty visits, what kind of day the child had in general, what outdoor and/or indoor activities the child participated in, and general comments or questions for the parent from the child’s teacher.

We understand that parents rely on good communication for a clear understanding of their child’s day while in our care. We welcome conversations between parents and teachers any time, but we also value each parent’s time and understand that busy schedules don’t always permit inquiries on a daily basis. Our daily reports provide basic information that can be communicated quickly and easily without requiring the parent to ask.